I’m a Florida Native, born in the Keys. Art was always my passion. A shy kid, art was an escape from reality, something that always gave me great pleasure. From an early age I was working in many different mediums. Drawing, painting, charcoal, pastels, ceramics, and mix media sculpture. With the help of some great teachers I proudly received a scholarship and was accepted to Ringling School of Art and Design. There I receive My Bachelors of Fine Arts Illustration, Class of 2004. While attending Ringling, I receive an award for a painting for which I was inducted into the Society of Illustrators.

After college, I fell in love with being on the water. I enjoy fishing, scalloping, camping and diving in the Keys. Living on the Nature Coast of Florida has been such a huge inspiration to my art. I found steady employment as a dental tech, working in a ceramic department sculpturing teeth from porcelain with a paint brush and a dremel. It came pretty natural to me with my background. It is a challenge and my pleasure to help people improve their way of life with new teeth.

But whether I’m painting, working mix media, sculpture in clay, or at work fixing teeth, art has become who I am. I’m not just following my passion in life, but I’ve combined my love of nature with my passion to create. I, like most artists tend to be very critical of my work. I struggle to work past my own criticism. I found it actually helps me become a better painter/sculptor. I hope you’ll take a few minutes to enjoy the site.